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      Kimberly Heredia

      This week in my FIQWS class we began exploring about possible topics we would want to learn more about under the umbrella of queerness. I didn’t have a lot of time to explore online during the class so I did some research of my own after Andrea’s class. Approximately like a hour was spent on just typing certain things into the web and seeing what mostly caught my attention. In my bio class, I had another experiment to conduct. I’m tired of this shit to be honest because my professor always requires us to draw an image representing the experiment and I’m the worst drawer ever ! I be spending like 30 minutes only drawing to make sure its pretty explainable. Plus another 45 minutes to write out the multiple experiments she be wanting us to conduct. In my algebra class, my professor was reviewing over solving equations and thats been the most easiest thing to remember and obtain for me to do his homework. An hour and 45 minutes of reviewing something I was already familiar with had me drid. But any who overall my week was pretty valid, I had a lot of down time to myself which I needed.

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