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Announcement: UGH

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hello angels–

I am sure that some of you saw this report in the New York Times today, but linking it here anyway.

Even for those of us who do not identify as trans, this is a horrorshow. You and I and all allies/accomplices to trans people must do whatever we can to protect our trans siblings who are being targeted and discriminated against in enormous numbers. Everyone go vote and yell about this as loudly as you can!

Buffy punching transphobes


Announcement: WEEK #9

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


Writing to pass along your assignments in preparation for our guest speaker on Tuesday!

To watch:

To read: 

Body of a Poem: Transition as Act of Consent//Writing as Act of Consent//Ghosts as Act of Consent by Zefyr Lisowski

The Drag Queen and the Mummy.pdf

Please at least get through the video and the VIDA piece to prep for our visitor. And keep reading Fierce Femmes!

Hope to see everyone on Tuesday.



Announcement: WEEK #6 CHECK-IN

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hello dear students–

Just writing with a quick hello.

I’ve had the chance to talk with a few of you this week about one of the most challenging experiences of going through college: balancing all of your real-life responsibilities and commitments with the (often unachievable) expectations of faculty.

So, a lil’ story:

When I started college, I was struggling with my mental health. Despite being a straight-A student, I soon found out that most of my professors didn’t value my critical approaches to the course material, and in fact got hella defensive when I brought up possible alternative thinking around the texts and ideas we looked at. Ugh! This only contributed to my mental health issues, and I struggled to figure out some way to balance all of the expectations of others, many of whom didn’t express what their expectations actually were.

When I was able to ask for support from my instructors, most of them didn’t want to hear anything about my situation. They didn’t want to hear excuses. To me, my emotional well-being didn’t feel like an excuse: it was reality that I couldn’t shake nor work around. I desperately needed someone to give me a break so that I could keep my head above water.

This is all to say: we believe you.

If you need extra time on an assignment for us, tell us. If you need to miss class because you’re exhausted, we will miss you, but miss a class. If you need a few minutes before class starts to eat lunch, call your parent/s, text your bestie, etc., come a few minutes late. If you have an exam coming up for a class with an instructor who doesn’t offer makeups, put aside your work for us and study for the exam.

Your well-being is more important to us than assignment deadlines.

We will work with you.

Sending tenacity to all, and looking forward to reading your newest LLs & responses, and seeing everyone on Tuesday!


patrick from spongebob waving a flag with text: I'm rooting for you

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