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Gender Resources:

Transgender – Wikipedia 

A note abt Wikipedia: this can be a great basic info resource for larger subjects. It’s important to know how Wikis work: whoever can make edits to these pages, which means that bigots and ignorant folks *also* have the ability to make edits. Thus, it’s hella important to remain critical of the information you read on wiki sites. A great tip: visiting the References section gives you access to every citation from which information throughout the article was lifted. Often there are links to other, more reliable sources in the References section. This can be a great resource for getting started on research!

Gender Identity 101: The Definitive Guide To Discussing Gender

National Center for Transgender Equality | FAQ

Transgender 101: A Guide to Gender and Identity to Help You Keep Up with the Conversation

List of Facebook Gender Categories




Because America: 5 Must Have Facts On Sexism and Patriarchy 101

These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point



Resisting Toxic Masculinity | Sam Dylan Finch

Creating a Non-Toxic Masculinity | The Good Men Project

What We Mean When We Talk About Toxic Masculinity | Teaching Tolerance

How Toxic Masculinity is Destroying Men | BUST

Is Healthy Masculinity a Lost Cause?: A Non-binary Person’s Thoughts on New Masculinity


Gender Socialization:

When We Gender Our Kids We Often Destroy What’s Human About Them | The Good Men Project

Sex and Gender are Actually the Same Thing (But Bear With Me)

6 Mistakes We Make Raising Sons – Kids Books To Prevent Sexual Assault – Raising Luminaries: Books for Littles

Allyship & Accompliceship:

On Gendering Strangers

4 Things Cis Folk Are Clueless About Trans Folk


What You’re Really Saying When You Misgender

Cis ‘Allies,’ You Probably Think This Work is About You

7 Ways to Support Someone Who is Struggling with Their Gender Identity



9 Keys for Dealing with Gender Dysphoria for Gender Queer & Trans Folks

I Thought I Was Ugly. I Didn’t Realize It Was Gender Dysphoria | Sam Dylan Finch


YouTube Resources:

Riley J. Dennis

Trans 101 Series | It’s Ya Bi

Kat Blaque


Intersex Identity:

From class 10/16:

HerStory – web series about LGBTQ+ women in L.A.

The T – web series about queer friendship and love

Shitty article in The Atlantic on “transtrender” youth by transphobic shithead Jesse Singal – read and excoriate, plz

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