Andréa Calendar


Date In Class Assignment
Week 1
Tues 8/28 F2F Intro/White Habitus/Syllabus Find a syllabus to use for a rhetorical analysis
Thrs 8/30 F2F Institutional Harms/Rhetorical Analysis Syllabi
Week 2 Database/Research/Tech
Tues 9/4 F2F Tech Day — NYT subscription, BB tutorial,

CCNY email

Labor Log #1
Thrs 9/6 Digital Labor Log Collect artifacts of rhetorical situations on your phone
Week 3 Database/Research/Tech
Tues 9/11 NO CLASS
Thrs 9/13 F2F Rhetorical Analysis of Phone Collection in groups with artifact at the end of class Labor Log #2
Week 4 Database/Research/Tech
Tues 9/18 NO CLASS
Thrs 9/20 F2F Scholarly Journals/“Non Academic” Sources Labor Log# 3
Week 5 Database/Research/Tech
Tues 9/25 F2F One Research Unit Artifact
Thrs 9/27 Digital Research Artifact Due 10/2 Labor Log #4
Week 6 Audience/Rhetorical Situation
Tues 10/2 F2F Labor Log Reflection
Thrs 10/4 Digital Pick two artifacts from reading done so far and consider audience
Week 7 Audience/Rhetorical Situation
Tues 10/9 F2F Rhetorical Analysis of reading collection in groups with artifact at the end of class
Thrs 10/11 Digital Labor Log Labor Log #5
Week 8 Audience/Rhetorical Situation
Tues 10/16 F2F Create artifact modeled after one of the readings Labor Log #6
Thrs 10/18 Digital Labor Log Model Artifact due 10/23
Week 9 Audience/Rhetorical Situation
Tues 10/23 F2F What makes a good topic? Brainstorm topic, groups help hone topic
Thrs 10/25 Digital Labor Log + preliminary research Labor Log #7
Week 10 “Writing”/Inquiry
Tues 10/30 F2F Find a form for your artifact
Thrs 11/1 Digital Labor Log + research Labor Log #8
Week 11 “Writing”/Inquiry
Tues 11/6 F2F Work on artifact Labor Log #9
Thrs 11/8 Digital Labor Log
Week 12 “Writing”/Inquiry/Educate
Tues 11/13 F2F Discuss Educate Final Project “Writing” Artifact due 11/15
Thrs 11/15 Digital “Writing” Artifact Due
Week 13
Tues 11/20 Digital Work on Educate Presentation + Labor Log #10 Educate Presentation + Labor Log #10
Thrs 11/22 NO CLASS
Week 14
Tues 11/27 F2F Presentations!
Thrs 11/29 F2F Presentations!
Week 15
12/4 F2F Presentations!
12/6 F2F Presentations!
Week 16
12/11 F2F Digital Portfolio Day Final Portfolio Due 12/20
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