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Announcement: RE: Labor Logs

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hey all!

Here I’ve attached two sample Labor Logs from Dr. Traci Gardner’s post (“Labor Logs”)

Sample #1: LaborLogExTable

Sample #2: LaborLogExKinds

These are both good examples of our (Jesse and Andréa’s) expectations as far as level of detail and reflection are concerned.

Essentially, we’re not interested in searching for your “errors” in writing for this class, nor for “catching you” for not meeting the word counts, misunderstanding prompts, misreading texts, etc. This isn’t how writing works in The Real World™ nor is it how writing should work, in our opinion and experience. We have Spell Checkers, Google Translate, Microsoft Word’s iffy grammar tool, the World Wide Web, etc. as tools we can use to address “errors” within sentences. Let’s not waste our (limited) time on minor issues.

We’re way more interested in seeing how you think about ideas you’re developing and seeing what your process of inquiry looks like, including time thinking about texts or questions, emailing J/A with questions, texting your classmates with questions, etc. These are all labor; they count. It’s your choice what you want to include, but “labor” is, for us, an expansive category.

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