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Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

Hey all–

I’ve posted an additional page to the course site menu: LGBTQIA+ Resources.

I recommend poking around the sites I’ve linked to, as they include abundant content on gender and sexuality. In general, I recommend Googling for information, but because of widespread discrimination, there’s an abundance of incorrect and transphobic information available online. For example, when I searched “trans umbrella,” I was linked to “Focus on the Family,” a homophobic site that spreads misogynistic misinformation about trans and gender-variant people. Ick.

So be careful where you lookPay close attention to ethos (credibility) of the sites you’re looking at.

And enjoy the resources!


Announcement: UPDATE 9/26

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on


Thanks for a lively and thoughtful class discussion yesterday. I’m working on a resources page for those of you who might be interested in learning more about gender identity, expression, sexuality, and identity. I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend for your use for the remaining semester. 

You have a few readings of contemporary work by trans women. They are poems, but please don’t get caught up in what you may have been taught about poetry in high school English classes (throw it all out!). Just read them as writing, trying to enjoy them or listen to the stories they tell. We don’t care as much about “literary techniques” or “stanzas” or w/e; if you like it, write it down, Google the author, retweet them and, if you can, buy their book! 

Coming up: you have a labor log due this weekend (by Monday at 11:59pm) as well as a short written response to our gender & sexuality discussions this week: any questions, confusion, insights, personal examples, are welcome. Find an image or small language moment from the readings that resonates with you and include it here as well.

pokemon go meme with bright text saying no one else can determine your gender but you


Announcement: RE: Labor Logs

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

Hey all!

Here I’ve attached two sample Labor Logs from Dr. Traci Gardner’s post (“Labor Logs”)

Sample #1: LaborLogExTable

Sample #2: LaborLogExKinds

These are both good examples of our (Jesse and Andréa’s) expectations as far as level of detail and reflection are concerned.

Essentially, we’re not interested in searching for your “errors” in writing for this class, nor for “catching you” for not meeting the word counts, misunderstanding prompts, misreading texts, etc. This isn’t how writing works in The Real World™ nor is it how writing should work, in our opinion and experience. We have Spell Checkers, Google Translate, Microsoft Word’s iffy grammar tool, the World Wide Web, etc. as tools we can use to address “errors” within sentences. Let’s not waste our (limited) time on minor issues.

We’re way more interested in seeing how you think about ideas you’re developing and seeing what your process of inquiry looks like, including time thinking about texts or questions, emailing J/A with questions, texting your classmates with questions, etc. These are all labor; they count. It’s your choice what you want to include, but “labor” is, for us, an expansive category.


RE: 9/25

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

Hey all–

On Tuesday, we’ll be talking about gender and feminism. Think about what stuff you’ve already been taught–implicitly and explicitly–about how to *do* your own gender: what stuff you’re supposed to like, how to talk/walk/dress/do yr hair, what gender role models you’ve had, any examples of how you’ve altered your behavior/appearance to *do* your gender in a way that felt more authentic to you, etc.

We’ll begin with a quick freewrite and then chat about these reflections in our writing groups to try to develop an understanding of gender collectively. This will provide a framework for our readings going forward, most of which deal with gender either overtly or subtly.

meme of Powerpuff Girls villain with text: hey kids! clothes have no gender. wear whatever feels best



Howdy! from JRE

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

***CN: brief flashing lights***

Hey all–

Just writing to say HELLO!

This week, you’ll be reading one of my all-time favorite articles in writing studies: “When the First Voice You Hear is Not Your Own” by Jacqueline Jones Royster. It’s a bit more difficult than some of our other pieces so far, so really take your time with it, write on it, pull out quotes you like, slow down. If you’re not able to get a thorough grasp on it by Thursday, that’s OK.

Reading “academic” articles isn’t supposed to be easy; they’re meant to think hard and deep about something really specific. Give yourself permission to be a little confused, if necessary.

We’ll talk about this, gender, feminism, and safe(r) spaces on Thursday!

Beyonce feminism GIF

Be good <3


F2F 9/13 Plan

Posted by Andréa Stella (she/her/hers) on

Hi all,

Heads up for this week’s schedule: we’ll only be meeting in my (Andréa’s) class because Jesse has a scheduling conflict in the afternoon.  So I will see all your smiling faces at 11am on Thursday morning!

Don’t forget make an introductory video and upload it in Weekly Forums “Introductory Videeeeooooossss”

Lastly, for those of you paying for assignments in other classes — if you’re in a course that’s designated an OER, there should be no cost to you, including assignments.  Unfortunately most classes that are charging for assignments aren’t actually OER courses, but send me syllabi anyway and I’ll forward them to the appropriate administrator to see if something can be done.

See you Thursday!

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