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Howdy! from JRE

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

***CN: brief flashing lights***

Hey all–

Just writing to say HELLO!

This week, you’ll be reading one of my all-time favorite articles in writing studies: “When the First Voice You Hear is Not Your Own” by Jacqueline Jones Royster. It’s a bit more difficult than some of our other pieces so far, so really take your time with it, write on it, pull out quotes you like, slow down. If you’re not able to get a thorough grasp on it by Thursday, that’s OK.

Reading “academic” articles isn’t supposed to be easy; they’re meant to think hard and deep about something really specific. Give yourself permission to be a little confused, if necessary.

We’ll talk about this, gender, feminism, and safe(r) spaces on Thursday!

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Be good <3

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