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F2F 9/13 Plan

Posted by Andréa Stella (she/her/hers) on

Hi all,

Heads up for this week’s schedule: we’ll only be meeting in my (Andréa’s) class because Jesse has a scheduling conflict in the afternoon.  So I will see all your smiling faces at 11am on Thursday morning!

Don’t forget make an introductory video and upload it in Weekly Forums “Introductory Videeeeooooossss”

Lastly, for those of you paying for assignments in other classes — if you’re in a course that’s designated an OER, there should be no cost to you, including assignments.  Unfortunately most classes that are charging for assignments aren’t actually OER courses, but send me syllabi anyway and I’ll forward them to the appropriate administrator to see if something can be done.

See you Thursday!

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