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RE: 9/25

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/her/hers) on

Hey all–

On Tuesday, we’ll be talking about gender and feminism. Think about what stuff you’ve already been taught–implicitly and explicitly–about how to *do* your own gender: what stuff you’re supposed to like, how to talk/walk/dress/do yr hair, what gender role models you’ve had, any examples of how you’ve altered your behavior/appearance to *do* your gender in a way that felt more authentic to you, etc.

We’ll begin with a quick freewrite and then chat about these reflections in our writing groups to try to develop an understanding of gender collectively. This will provide a framework for our readings going forward, most of which deal with gender either overtly or subtly.

meme of Powerpuff Girls villain with text: hey kids! clothes have no gender. wear whatever feels best


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