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Announcement: UPDATE 9/26

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


Thanks for a lively and thoughtful class discussion yesterday. I’m working on a resources page for those of you who might be interested in learning more about gender identity, expression, sexuality, and identity. I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend for your use for the remaining semester. 

You have a few readings of contemporary work by trans women. They are poems, but please don’t get caught up in what you may have been taught about poetry in high school English classes (throw it all out!). Just read them as writing, trying to enjoy them or listen to the stories they tell. We don’t care as much about “literary techniques” or “stanzas” or w/e; if you like it, write it down, Google the author, retweet them and, if you can, buy their book! 

Coming up: you have a labor log due this weekend (by Monday at 11:59pm) as well as a short written response to our gender & sexuality discussions this week: any questions, confusion, insights, personal examples, are welcome. Find an image or small language moment from the readings that resonates with you and include it here as well.

pokemon go meme with bright text saying no one else can determine your gender but you

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